**Milestone Bangle Promotion (WHITE DISC)** Exclusive Item (TS)

$ 12.00

This is an Ellie's Sparkles EXCLUSIVE item!  Each Ellie's Sparkles piece is handmade. These bangles are a fixed size. When measuring to find a perfect fit for your bangle you should measure the widest part of your hand when it is squeezed (as if putting on a bangle). That measurement will let us know what size to make your bangle!

Please choose your choice of wire color, color fill of number, and the number you would like engraved on the disc. 

Bangle Sizes: (approx. in circumference)
x-small: 7.5 in. around
small: 8 in. around
standard: 8.25 in. around (size that shops carry)
medium: 8.5 in. around
large: 9 in. around