Democratic Donkey Bangle

$ 29.00

Show your American Pride with this Democratic Donkey Bangle! This bangle has 3 discs each with a Democratic Donkey on it. 

(We have a SEPARATE listing if you would like to add a monogram or American Flag disc to this bangle. That listing is a bangle with 3 different discs. The Democratic Donkey, American Flag, and your monogram) That bangle is called the Patriot Bangle. 

Each Ellie's Sparkles piece is handmade. These bangles are a fixed size. When measuring to find a perfect fit for your bangle you should measure the widest part of your hand when it is squeezed (as if putting on a bangle). That measurement will let us know what size to make your bangle! 

Bangle Sizes: (approx. in circumference)
x-small: 7.5 in. around
small: 8 in. around
standard: 8.25 in. around (size that shops carry)
medium: 8.5 in. around
large: 9 in. around

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